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According to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated 04.28.2015 No.PP-2340 “On measures to increase the proportion of the value of private property in the economy” 49.0% of the state shares in the authorized capital of Navoiyazot Joint Stock Company has been put up for auction to strategic foreign investors .

Navoiyazot JSC, the largest enterprise of chemical industry of Uzbekistan, is a leading producer of mineral fertilizers, products of organic synthesis, is located in the city of Navoi, Navoi region which is one of the industrialized regions of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Navoiyazot JSC was commissioned in 1964 and today composes of about 80 production units, has its own transport and energy supply infrastructure, recreation and social welfare facilities. Annual production capacity of ammonium nitrate exceeds 950 thousand tons. Along with mineral fertilizers the plant produces more than 30 kinds of chemicals for the gold, mining, oil and gas industry, covers the needs of the furniture, aviation and medical industries.

Geography of consumers and suppliers of raw materials is extensive and covers the domestic market, the CIS countries and distant abroad.

Since the year 1991 the plant has mastered production of 14 new products and introduced an integrated quality management system in accordance with international standards.

The strategic goal of Navoiyazot JSC – the growth of its capitalization and profitability through the introduction of innovative technologies, diversifying its activities, the development of production with high added value, building new facilities, for which today investment projects are launched aimed at modernizing the technology and technical re-equipment of production enterprises, which will increase the volume of produced commodity output by more than 2 times, from 265.4 million dollars in 2015 to 617.6 million dollars by 2020.

Dear Investors!

In the Republic of Uzbekistan many tax privileges and preferences are provided for foreign investors and your investment will bring you income and will contribute to the development of JSC «Navoiyazot».

For more information please contact Goskomkonkurentsiya of the Republic of Uzbekistan at (371) 2592023, 2592138, website: www.gki.uz or Navoiyazot JSC at (436) 229-22-02, website: www.navoiyazot.uz, e-mail: office@navoiyazot.uz.

«Navoiyazot» JSC is reckoned among the largest enterprises of chemical industry of Uzbekistan. The total area of our enterprise makes up 675, 26 ha. the producing area is 341, 04 ha.

The history of «Navoiyazot» numbers 40 years. In far 1961 the first lines in the regional newspaper “The Soviet Bukhara” have been appeared: “The building of Navoiy chemical combine has been begun in the steppe under Bukhara.” And already in 1964 were produced the first Navoiy’s nitrogen and oxygen.

JSC «Navoiyazot» news

JSC «Navoiyazot» informs prolongation of the competitive selection of candidates for the vacant positions of members of the Management Board

According to the resolution of the selection committee meeting on March 28 2016 for the election of the candidates for the Board members of JSC “Navoiyazot”, production director, finance director, marketing, sales and purchasing director posts’ competitive selection was extended until 24 April 2016, summarizing its results on 25-27 April 2016. Application to the competition […]

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