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Joint Stock Company «Navoiyazot» informs that the resolution of the general extraordinary shareholder’s meeting on May 10, 2016 №25 company made a commitment, starting from 10 May 2016 to comply with the Corporate Governance Code approved by the minutes of the meeting of the Commission on improving the efficiency of joint-stock companies and improve the corporate governance system on December 31, 2015 №9.

«Navoiyazot» JSC is reckoned among the largest enterprises of chemical industry of Uzbekistan. The total area of our enterprise makes up 675, 26 ha. the producing area is 341, 04 ha.

The history of «Navoiyazot» numbers 40 years. In far 1961 the first lines in the regional newspaper “The Soviet Bukhara” have been appeared: “The building of Navoiy chemical combine has been begun in the steppe under Bukhara.” And already in 1964 were produced the first Navoiy’s nitrogen and oxygen.

JSC «Navoiyazot» news


Joint Stock Company «NAVOIYAZOT» plans to upgrade the existing production of acetylene, followed by reduction of electricity consumption per unit product release by replacing the existing centrifugal compressors with integrated pyrolysis gas turbo-expander to screw compressors with an external expander similar performance. Companies who want  to participate in this project, please send technical – commercial […]

JSC «Navoiyazot» informs prolongation of the competitive selection of candidates for the vacant positions of members of the Management Board

According to the resolution of the selection committee meeting on March 28 2016 for the election of the candidates for the Board members of JSC “Navoiyazot”, production director, finance director, marketing, sales and purchasing director posts’ competitive selection was extended until 24 April 2016, summarizing its results on 25-27 April 2016. Application to the competition […]

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